ORSINI Martina


Italy Italy


Born in 1986 and based between Milan and Cyprus, after graduating in Philosophy, I achieved a Master degree in Visual Arts and started my career as a sailing photographer in 2012 during the Moth World Championship in Campione del Garda. I started traveling from a very young age because of my parents’ jobs and what made me interested in photography was the ‘journey’ – first in the sense of moving and exploring places, then as a journey of self-discovery. Photography became my way of communicating to other people what I knew about myself through the images I created. My love for the sea – and for water in general as an element – is inborn. The feeling of moving over the sea, pushed only by the wind, has become something intimate, a philosophy of life, linked to traveling and to moving, which, for me, means life. For me, the sea is freedom and water is a symbol of strength – when it meets an obstacle it flows round it, sometimes it cruelly destroys it, and continues on. I never stop learning new skills to improve my photographic and visual projects: I am also a work-in-progress videomaker, a drone pilot and a scuba diver.