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For 15 years, I alternated between the spotlights of fashion photography and the lighthouses’ lights from my childhood memories. And speaking of the sea: always feminine, sometimes troubled and yet it is captivating at all times.

My humble experience includes great success, prizes and famous clients but is also paved with obstacles. In hindsight they allowed me to evolve positively in this line of work, to continuously feed my passion and to appreciate every little success while keeping a humble attitude, because you never know when the downfall will occur. This way, I’m able to navigate peacefully, come hell or high water. I respect the direction presented to me. I dive in this world, not always in cold water, with a specific goal: to introduce a sea, a storm, a wave to a spectator not living by the sea, or to rediscover it for the people lucky enough to know it from up close. In my maritime visuals you can sometimes find a little character or a child, and like a child I always keep in mind that in order to amaze you have to be amazed by every little detail or nuance. Maybe that’s the way that, one day, you become a great sea photographer. A grown up refusing to grow up, preserving his inner child. To marvel at all things and to allow visitors, in turn, to dive like a child in a fountain of pictures and of youth.