PANZERI Alexander


Italy Italy


I was born in Italy but my blood is made by: 50% ita, 25% uk, 24% esp (plus others influency like usa, australia, swiss, russia). I grew in a real international space, so I've a real wide mind. I love sports, and I tried many. I love technologies, it's why I studied airspace (I'm not an astronaut, in that case I just want be the pilot of the shuttle). During the university I contributed to design new engine system for UAV in Roll Royce, SuperSonic Business Jet at T.U. Munich and rocket engine at Politecnico di Milano. Fly has been my life, I hope a day to restart it, in particular aerobatic, just amazing. After those I tried sailing… and I could change to live only doing race boat... Now Sail and shooting it, it's my life, so wonderful… What can I say, I love my job!