PANZERI Alexander

Athlete / Boat :

Mariska D-1 15m JI class and Maxi 72 class

Event :

66° Rolex Giraglia 2018

Location :

Saint Tropez - Pampellone beach harbour

About the shot :

Giraglia Regatta is not the common place for the classic wooden sail yacht, and even less if she is competing with the leading edge carbon sails. I was expecting to see Mariska D-1 to start alone, out of the crowd, but when the Papa flag had gone, while the newest Cannonball ITA-42200 was bearing away, in the middle off the “black forest” with the huge stop-watch in the background, a white Lady emerged with all the elegance that white sail and natural fibre mast have. Departure remains a question of humans, not technologies.

Camera :

Canon EOS 500D, Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L II, 800, f6.3 , 1/2500