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When I was 7yrs old I learned sailing from my father on his 6,5mtr open sailboat. We made long trips during the summer season on the inland waters of Holland. Later we sailed a 8mtr H-boat and then we started to sail the coastal waters too. At that time sailing was everything for me. Because I wanted to become a Nautical Officer I went to the Maritime Institute De Ruyter. After finishing the theoretical part I worked on a merchant vessel for more than a year. But I continued my career in Purchase and Logistics in production companies. Photography was always in my live. I got training on the Fotovakschool to bring my photography skills to a professional level. For the time being I made photos of my family, day trips and vacations. 4 years ago my daughter started to sail regatta’s in the Optimist Dinghy Class. And soon I started to make photos of trainings and regatta’s of the Optiteam. Then I found my real passion. I want to make photos of sailing activities, sailboats and other maritime objects. That’s what I do now and like most.