GREEN Sharon


United States United States


Sharon Green is one of the world’s leading yachting photographers, capturing electrifying images of performance sailing for over four decades. Her eye for color, light, energy, and form has elevated yacht racing photography to a new level of artistry. As photographer and curator of the Ultimate Sailing Calendar since 1983, her images have brought thousands of viewers virtually into the heart of the fray, to fully experience the passion, bustle, and splendor of competitive sailing. Sharon’s ideal wind and sea conditions are ‘fresh-to-frightening’ as she continues to pursue ‘Ultimate Sailing’ images. “My greatest satisfaction comes when it all connects: the anticipation, organization, high-powered yachts sailed by stellar crews, and epic conditions – and combines to create a thrilling photograph. The pursuit of ‘Ultimate Sailing’ never grows old. After more than 40 years, I still love the challenge of capturing memorable images for my clients and the calendar.”