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Athlete / Boat :

TF 35 Alinghi

Event :

Start of Race Genève-Rolle-Genève

Location :


About the shot :

The start of Race Geneva-Rolle-Geneva has just been given, the boats set off with the new TF 35 series in mind, fitted with foils. At more than twenty knots, suddenly a big gust came to surprise Alinghi. In the fray, Alinghi almost lost everything. Surprised by a more assertive laughter, the catamaran helmed by Ernesto Bertarelli came close to disaster For a flying boat, the TF 35 makes a real glide. A figure of speech that the team members were able to save with extreme precision by throwing themselves on the hull vertically.

Camera :

Nikon D5, 80-400 mm (80 mm), 800, f10 , 1/1250