Athlete / Boat :


Event :

2017 JJ Giltinan World Championship

Location :

Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia

About the shot :

The forecast was for wind and a possible shower, so the 18ft skiffs headed out with their "Big Rigs" (Full size) in. I was onboard the camera cat directing the livestream and taking stills when I could. Half way through the race I looked over to the south and saw a bank of jet black clouds heading straight towards the fleet. Things where about to get very wet and windy. Within 5 minutes the fleet had effectively disappeared from view and we where in the middle of a downpour. Five minutes later, as the storm quickly passed and visibility got a little better I grabbed my camera and took a series of shots of the aftermath

Camera :

Canon 5d mk3, EF100-400mm, 800, f8.0 , 1/8000