LEBEC Gauthier

Athlete / Boat :

Charal / Jeremie Beyou

Event :

SAS Beyou Racing

Location :

Atlantic Ocean

About the shot :

During the night, we managed to sail at the highest average speed at that time, around 27 knots. We had to find the good setting amongst all the possibility on this boat : foil extension, foil rake, ballast, queel angle... It was physically demanding, impossible to rest. In the morning, the wind slightly decreased as the sun came out of the cloud. The majority of the crew went to sleep and I decided to fly with the drone to capture the morning lights. The wind was blowing around 25 knots and we were sailing at 100° of it. After taking off, I struggle to regain the boat with the drone. I managed to take photos at different angles. The backlighting was challenging but the scenery with the sun in the front made this photo the best one of the shooting. The landing was sketchy with tons of water flowing on deck, but it was worth it.

Camera :

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced, , , ,