Athlete / Boat :

Charlie Dalin / Apivia

Event :

Offshore training

Location :

Bay of Biscay

About the shot :

I took this picture using the very last percents of my drone's battery. I was aboard Apivia Imoca, sailing from Port-la-Forêt to La Rochelle, shooting onboard images with Charlie Dalin and Yann Eliès. I secured my drone session by covering all the different angles of the boat with a high shutter speed, then, I started to mess around with the settings, getting a lower and lower shutter speed, just to see what I can get... Back on the computer, I deleted 90% of the pictures, blurry, not the exact same speed as the boat... Except that single one.

Camera :

Phantom 4 Pro - FC6310, 8,8mm, 100, 11 , 1/20