Athlete / Boat :

Event :

Volvo Ocean Race

Location :


About the shot :

I love speed sailing. And I love challenges of shooting sailing in dynamic. This is why whenever it is possible I try to catch the speed by my camera. Doing that when the boat is sailing on the waves up and down is the challenge. So, this is my picture I made during Inport race of VOR in Lisbon, the city I love by all my soul and on the river Tagus where I had been sailing by myself. Tejo is very changeble and tough. But sometimes it gives us the opportunity to get courage and fly over the waves of tide as the team of "Turn the tide" does. For the moment the wave on the boat mainsail became a continuation of the natural wave and those 1/13 seconds had filled me of fantastic feeling of harmony and beauty of sailing.

Camera :

Canon 5 Mark III, 210, 100, 36 , 1/13