Athlete / Boat :

470 men fleet

Event :

Hempel Sailing World Championships 2018

Location :

Aarhus, Denmark

About the shot :

Fleet approaching the mark from the layline usually produces great action shots and the alignment of boats and athletes make photos even more spectacular. Since a large cloud was passing the sky at the moment covering the sun I have thought to make this shot different from the rest of fellow photographers and show more drama by shooting from the water surface by capturing the rays of sun. I always bring my water-housing along so I made a quick decision and dipped it just on the tip of a wave, set the focus and pressed the shutter. I later set the photo in B&W to have a greater focus on composition.

Camera :

Canon 5D MK3, Canon 16-35mm @ 16mm, 125, f4.5 , 1/1250