Athlete / Boat :

Deck 8 of Boat 8 for the Volvo Ocean Race (AkzoNobel)

Event :

Volvo Ocean Race

Location :

Monte Blanc, France

About the shot :

A road trip with a difference - tasked to document the transport of Deck no 8 for Boat no. 8 of the Volvo Ocean Race, took me on a 20 day road trip (2,000km at max speed of 60kph) with 3 escort vehicles from Multiplast, in Vannes, France on a flat bed truck carrying the pre assembled deck for its marriage to the hull in Persico Marine, Bergamo, Italy. This photo was taken at 22:55 while we waited for the Monte Blanc Tunnel to be closed for the convoy to make its way through the 12km tunnel into Italy on the other side. The temperature was -10 celsius on a clear night with plenty of stars and the moon to eliminate the surrounds. Deck for the eighth Volvo Ocean 65,constructed at Multiplast in Vannes,France being transported to Persico Marine in Bergamo,Italy for the rest of the build process.

Camera :

Sony A7SII, Canon 17-40mm , 800, 4 , 6