Photographer: Vladimir Melnik - Yacht Racing Image

Vladimir Melnik






I am a freelance photographer from Russia interested in Life on our Planet. My favorite is taking pictures of real life, of real people in remote places – in the middle of nowhere, ethnographic portraits, unique landscapes where you feel the mysterious energies…
My criterion for a good image is quite simple: it should touch your heart, wake up emotions, motivate for thinking and action…
For me photography is a tool for communication with our World and self-discovery.
It is not necessary that people see in my photos the same what I had seen. Every person can see his own story, feel and interpret in his own way. But, I do not want indifferent spectators. The most important are – emotions.
I want my pictures to emotionalize people, make them think, act…
I would like to show that our Planet is so different, so beautiful, so interesting…