Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image


The ‘Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image’ is a yearly photographic contest and exhibition. It seeks to recognise the very best yacht racing image taken during the year, and that which best represents the essence and excitement of yacht racing as a sport.

The contest is open to professional yacht racing photographers from all over the world.Three prizes are awarded:

  • The ‘Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image’ (main prize), awarded by a panel of international specialists from the yacht racing and photographic industries.
  • The ‘Yacht Racing Forum Award’, decided by the 700 delegates of World Sailing’s Annual conference as well as by the 300 delegates of the Yacht Racing Forum.
  • The‘public prize’, selected by the number of popular votes on Internet.

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German photographer Sören Hese wins the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2017

134 photographers spanning 27 countries submitted a picture for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2017. Sören Hese (GER) wins the main prize, whilst the delegates from the Yacht Racing Forum and World Sailing’s annual conference elected Tomàs Moya. Zita Kovács (HUN) obtained most votes on the social networks and wins the Public Award.

No less than 134 photographers spanning 27 countries took part in the 8th edition of the international photo contest Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image. The pictures submitted illustrate the sailing season 2017 and highlight the extraordinary variety of the sport in all its aspects.

The international jury decided to honor German photographer Sören Hese and his surprising picture taken from a drone during the 5O5 German championships. Based in Berlin, Hese has been working as an independent photographer since 1990. “I am very proud because this contest is the absolute reference in yacht racing photography “, he said. “I took this picture using a time-motion-stack imaging concept, capturing the image basically as a time series from a quadrocopter. I found its graphical structure very interesting and also story telling, and so decided to submit it to the contest. I am very touched by this victory, against all those prestigious photographers. There were also so many major international events this year that I am really surprised to have won.

The Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Award has once again been met with enthusiasm by the public and on the social networks. More than 20’000 votes have been accounted, whilst the event website  has been visited by 2,2 million people.

Sören Hese has been celebrated tonight in front of the international sailing community, at the Yacht Racing Forum, in Aarhus, Denmark. He received the prestigious title, a wall clock provided by luxury watchmaker Hublot and € 1’000 prize money. Dmitry Sharomov (RUS) and Sander van der Borch (NED) complete the podium. The nations most represented amongst the top 20 are Russia and France, with four photographers each.

Sören Hese’s picture is very interesting, original and technically quite complex”, said Rob Kohte, founder of the Sail-World network and a member of the jury. “It gives us an idea of the type of pictures we will see in the future, thanks to the extended use of drones. I think that there was more originality and also more humour in the pictures submitted for this edition.

This contest is more and more successful over the years and the group Mirabaud is proud to be part of it since day one“, says Nicolas Mirabaud, member of the international jury and of the Executive Committee at Mirabaud & Cie SA. “Once again, the pictures reflect values that are dear to us such as performance, teamwork and technology. It was a great pleasure to discover the photographers’ work“.

Tomàs Moya wins the Yacht Racing Forum award, based on votes from the delegates of the Yacht Racing Forum and World Sailing’s annual conference in Puerto Vallarta (MEX). Zita Kovács wins the Public Award, based on votes by the public on the social networks.
The winning pictures are available for media at the following address: www.maxcomm-media.com



Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2017: Top 20 disclosed!

The top twenty pictures from the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award will be exhibited at World Sailing’s Annual Conference in Puerto Vallarta (November 4 – 12), and then at the Yacht Racing Forum (Aarhus, Denmark, November 27-28). Today, we disclose the photographers selected.

No less than 134 professional photographers spanning 27 countries have submitted a picture for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2017. The top eighty pictures have been selected last month by the international jury and published on the event website, allowing the public to vote for their favorite pictures.

Today, we are pleased to disclose the top 20 pictures selected by the international jury. The winner of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award –  who will be announced and celebrated during the Yacht Racing Forum in Aarhus (DEN) on November 28 – is one of them!

Top twenty photographers (in alphabetical order):

  • Cristina Balcells (SPA)
  • Stephanie Billarant (FRA)
  • Olivier Blanchet (FRA)
  • Chris Cameron (NZL)
  • Sharon Green (USA)
  • Sören Hese (GER)
  • Nicolas Jutzi (SUI)
  • Harry Kenney Herbert (UK)
  • Anton Makhanov (RUS)
  • Gilles Martin Raget (FRA)
  • Pedro Martinez (SPA)
  • Rob Migliaccio (USA)
  • Tomas Moya (SPA)
  • Jerome Naquet (FRA)
  • Martina Orsini (ITA)
  • Elena Otekina (RUS)
  • Marina Semenova (RUS)
  • Dmitry Sharomov (RUS)
  • Tobias Stoerkle (GER)
  • Sander van der Borch (NED)

The leading countries are: Russia (4 pictures), France (4 pictures), Spain (3 pictures), USA and Germany (2 pictures), New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy and The Netherlands (1 picture).

The votes by the public on Internet are still open, and not restricted to the top 20 images selected by the Jury.

The partnership between World Sailing and the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image will provide great visibility to the world’s best photographers, and showcase their work to their current and potential future clients.

The delegates from World Sailing’s annual conference will be asked to vote for their favorite picture. Their votes will be added to the voices from the delegates of the Yacht Racing Forum, and will contribute to the election of the winner of the Yacht Racing Forum award.

Started in 2010, the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award is the world’s premier photography competition dedicated to the sport of sailing, celebrating the very best yacht racing image taken during the year, and which best represents the essence and excitement of the sport. Open to professional photographers, it provides an opportunity for yacht racing specialists to display their work and share their passion with a wide audience. More than one million people saw the pictures submitted for the last edition of the contest.

International financial services Group Mirabaud is the official title sponsor of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award.

New partner Hublot will provide the winner of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award with a beautiful and prestigious wall clock.

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