I grew up in St. Petersburg, the sea capital of Russia. I have been fond of photography for a very long time, for about 15 years I have been shooting portraits and landscapes with a film and digital camera. About 5 years ago I took up sailing - I sail on classic wooden yachts of the L-6 class in St. Petersburg. I always tried to take my camera with me, and when I went out to sea I constantly photographed the yachts, the crew on board, and the incredible seascapes. At some point, I decided to combine my two passions: sailing and photography. Since then I have been professionally engaged in marine photography, photographing sailing competitions and teams in different countries. In 2022, together with my dear husband, we founded the nautical media SeaYou Agency, based in Marmaris. Shooting at sea is always great happiness for me and an ocean of emotions that I want to share with other people!