SANS Benjamín


Chile Chile


I'm Benjamín Sans Costa, although everyone knows me as "Benja", I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1997, I started sailing at the age of 12 in Laser, in the Algarrobo Pacific Nautical Guild, I participated in several national races and also Crew member of other sailing categories. Taking only two years sailing, I had an accident that left me unable to sail for a whole year. How could I not navigate, the summer of 2012 I bought my first reflex camera and started taking photos of my friends who surfed, I uploaded them to Facebook and started to have many "likes" between them, which motivated me to create a web page to show my photos. Thus, many people who were sailing began to take pictures, which as a sailor knew the best moments to shoot.

After 5 years I continue to take pictures more and more professionally, vocation that I currently combine with my studies of engineering, navigation and travel that I have to do to cover regattas all over Chile.