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Growing up, I always thought photographers weren't very cool, except possibly the ones who worked for Sports Illustrated, Life Magazine or National Geographic. My big goal was to go to a good university, then play soccer at the highest level I could reach and after that, to become a globe-trotting journalist.

So I earned a degree in Geography with a minor in Journalism. I did make a little money (very little) playing soccer. When duty called I segued into the Navy as an officer, where I learned to fly, got to travel to Asia and, most importantly, had my first real experience managing teams of people and solving critical problems under pressure. I bought my first serious camera in Japan and began taking pictures for fun, little did I know then where it would lead…

Fresh out of the Navy, I resumed playing semi-pro soccer and started writing, but quickly realized that photography was now what I needed to do more than anything else. With hard work, and a bit of luck, I started shooting regularly for magazines like Time, Sports Illustrated and Newsweek. Over the past thirty years it evolved into a broad international range of editorial, corporate and advertising clients who have sent me to more than forty countries, ten Olympics and eight FIFA World Cups. Clients have told me I have an eye for clean, graphic compositions with great light, and a knack for catching the right moments. You can judge for yourself here. They also like that I give them a lot of choices while working quickly and am « easy to work with ». I strive to bring a sense of honesty and authenticity to every shoot, whether it’s a revealing environmental portrait or a dynamic sports’ action.