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Photography and I - it’s been a lifelong love affair. But to be honest, sailing wasn’t part of it until the day I first felt its magic. It happened in 2013 when by pure chance I discovered the existence of the Classe Mini 6.50 - the smallest offshore racing boats and their single-handed sailors who cross the Atlantic Ocean every 2 years without any assistance nor communication. I was very impressed by how these extremely passionate and pretty crazy people accomplish their childhood dream. They showed me another perspective on life and the real taste of freedom. I realised that sailing is way more than just a sport. It’s a life-changing adventure and an irreversible addiction. Being a sailing photographer here in France is an amazing privilege. I’m fascinated by the skippers’ stories and emotions, as well as the beauty of the boats and the power of the ocean. I enjoy every single day on water, even if it’s not easy all the time. My job keeps me moving and constantly challenges me, and that’s what I really love about it ! The ocean sprays bring the salt I need in my life !