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clear volume_up 1086 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione My photographic passion was born in the 70s, at a young age, when I started shooting with an inexpensive Russian camera, the Zenith E, which I then went to print in the dark room. For several years I abandoned photography for work commitments. At the beginning of the new millennium, I therefore thought of buying a new SLR, which has now become digital. This is why I took photography courses and after a few years, together with friends from the course, in 2011 we founded the photographic group “Obiettivo Spezia”, of which I am still the president today. But one day a dear friend invited us to photograph a sailing regatta, obviously I didn't know anything about that world, but I'm very passionate about it. Together with my partner Tiziana we therefore entered this world, completely changing the equipment, and making this adventure our passion. Thus was born "FoReVel Spezia", ​​that is Photo Regattas Sailing Spezia, the brand with which we sign our sailing photographs. Being at sea to photograph, in any weather condition has thus become a real joy for us.