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My passion for yacht racing photography started in 2017 when I race in the Rolex Middle Sea Race, inspired by the photos of the famous photographer Kurt Arrigo. It was love at first sight and from that moment on I traveled around Europe and captured as many sailing events as possible, from Dinghy Races to the Volvo Ocean Race. Meanwhile, Malta became my home and my passion for yacht racing photography grew into a mature and profound love. Being a sailor myself and racing intensely for some years, I love and I know this amazing sport and I feel that through my pictures I’m an ambassador of yacht racing. In my photos, I aim to capture three important aspects: 1. The action and the adrenaline - which isn’t so obvious for the spectators/ public. 2. The beauty of sailing boats while racing – they are like the sleeping beauties that woke up for the race; 3. The sailors, from the youngest to the eldest one, their character, their struggle, and their peace out there on the sea. In 2019 some of my photos from Rolex Middle Sea Race were published in Yacht Expert Magazine and I also published my first article about yachting photography. In early 2020 I became increasingly active in Malta’s yacht racing scene where my photography started to be published in different local sport magazines.