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Pictures say more than a thousand words" - our photos "speak volumes"! We have more than 35 years of experience when it comes to photography. We are.. .. like the "rock in the surf" from where we can take the best sailing photos .. like "the best horse in the stable", if you want professional equestrian pictures the talented wedding photographer who will give your wedding photo that extra touch of emotion We have the perfectly trained eye and the view for the essential when it comes to company events, press events, congresses, exhibitions etc. Our specialisations in photography – from sports photography to wedding photography (mainly sailing images & equestrian images) During the years, we have specialised in wedding photography, press photos, event photos and sports photography such as sailing and equestrian photos. You can't steal horses with us, but we are the perfect partner for professional riding pictures. In addition to many sailing events and horse shows, we have also followed hundreds of bridal couples to the altar. We captured and immortalised the very special moments in our photos. Apart from that, we have been able to demonstrate our professional skills for our corporate clients at a variety of press and trade fair events, including regional events such as in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, as well as events in other parts of Germany and Europe. We are also happy to take on other photo assignments in Schleswig-Holstein as well as across Germany and Europe and complete them according to your expectations - from photo documentations of congresses, product photos for your online shop, catalogues or an image presentation for your company. Our modern technology for your perfect picture A good photographer must know his profession inside out. Talent and experience are important, but the right technique plays a major role. Depending on the type of assignment, we always have the appropriate photo equipment to ensure that we don't miss a single snapshot at any event. Our photo products We do not only offer photos to our customers. We also provide them with further photo products, such as photo books, collages, posters, canvas prints and much more. We can also store all your photos from your event on a stick. We are the right partner for you if you value professional photos! It doesn’t matter if Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck or Hamburg. We are the go-to when it comes to photography in Schleswig Holstein and Hamburg. Your passionate photographer