BEECK Christian


Germany Germany


Passion, experience, technology - for three decades, the name Christian Beeck stands for professional sports press photography. At the age of twelve, the (now) 51-year-old discovered his passion for photography. He invested all his savings in his first photo equipment and, from then on, put on family celebrations. He went on that way consistently. Since his education as a photographer, he has been active in half of Europe. Whether from the airy height, in the middle of the water or just above the grass, whether with a lot of action or in endless patience - Christian Beeck always looks for the perfect perspective, the unique moment. His focus since the 1990s: the sport of sailing ! In his work the Kieler tries to capture the emotions of the sailors, the discussion of the elements, the focus of the athlete. His preferred perspective: Close or in the middle of the water! Experiencing waves, experiencing spray, making an effort to experience - these are the maxims of Christian Beeck. With this flair for the sailors' view, he sets big yachts as well as classical beauties of boatbuilding and the youngest sailors in the deep sea.