CONTIN Pierrick

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Athlete / Boat :

Thibaut Vauchel Camus Skipper and Frédéric Duthil co Skipper On Solidaires en Peloton

Event :

PhotoShooting for the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021

Location :

Baie de Saint-Malo -Côte d'Emeraude

About the shot :

It was the end of the Photoshooting and Thibaut propose to flight close to "jardin " lighthouse ...I just go with my rib close the Lighthouse and just waiting for the hight fly ... Thibaut and i are on the same feeling not necessary to talk much ...just one passage and i's done ....I'love my job ....

Camera :

Sony A1, 100/400 mm, 1250, F6,3 , 1/6400 s