Athlete / Boat :

Bahamian sloops

Event :

Family Islands Regatta

Location :

Georgetown, Bahamas

About the shot :

Do you ask for permission or ask for forgiveness! I took a chance and dove in to the race course's weather mark water with my camera in my waterproof Aquatech housing in hand without permission (yikes) as I didn't think they would give it to me. The moment I jumped in the police boat and course marshal were on me threatening arrest! But I had timed my entry just a the sailboats boats were coming up to the windward mark and the officials had to get out of the way for fear of causing interference. I swam around the windward mark shooting away in the 10 ft deep pristine crystal clear Bahamian water. I got my shot!! It was worth a jail sentence I thought. After the race I was summoned to the race committee room to explain my "dangerous swimming antics on the race course and endangering my own life and that of the sailors". I took my computer with me with the best shot of the rounding on the screen and showed it to the 5 Nassau lawyers who were ready to skin me alive! They all calmed down, looked in awe at the shot and smiled. They all asked why I had not asked for permission before jumping in! They loved the shot and I was saved serving time in a Bahamian cell.

Camera :

Canon EOS 5D MKII, Canon EF 15mm F2.8 Fish eye, 200, F16 , 1/250th