TöRöK Brigi

Athlete / Boat :

TP 52 Papres Recyclage

Event :

52 Super Series

Location :


About the shot :

Dismay and fear from a potential collision is apparent on the faces of the crew members of the Paprec Recyclage boat, when in 2018, in Sibenik, during the 52 Super Series Regatta the pilot of the press motorboat steers in the wrong direction, and crosses the way of the boat which is leading the race. All the other photographers escaped to the bow of the motorboat and I had to decide within a fraction of a second if I should jump to the sea to escape or take this picture. Luckily the two boats managed to avoid the collision in the last second, and the Paprec could retain the leading position. You can find a nice drone video capturing the dangerous maneuver on the Facebook page of the Paprec Recyclage Team.

Camera :

Canon EOS 7D Mark II, EF-S10-22mm, ISO 100, f4,5 , 1/1250