UHL Phil

Athlete / Boat :

Morning Light

Event :


Location :

Pacific Ocean

About the shot :

It was near the end of training for the 2007 TRANSPAC, and on this day, the young crew of Morning Light woke up to a forecast of 30 knot winds and 12 foot seas. This is just what the team needed for obtaining first hand experience in conditions they could see during the final days of the 2,500 mile race race from Long Beach to Honolulu. I chose this photo because surfing down 12 foot seas, at 20+ knots, on a 50 foot boat, is an experience that will remain forever in the memories of everyone on board. I was very fortunate to be on a boat fast enough for me to capture the excitement of that moment, and thought it would be a great image to share with those who love sailing.

Camera :

Canon 1DSMK2, 300, 200, F7 , 1/1250