Athlete / Boat :

Team SCA

Event :

Team SCA Volvo Ocean 65

Location :

English Channel

About the shot :

This shot was taken during a photo shoot with Team SCA brandnew Volvo Ocean 65. This was the first time a Volvo Ocean 65 had been put under pressure in heavy offshore conditions just after its launch. We had planned the shoot for the forecast windy conditions and we had some great waves building up on an ebb tide. The girls sailed the boat upwind for quiet a few hours to get a long enough runway for the high speed downwindblast. We had good communication with the boat as we waited with the helicopter for the call that the front had cleared and they were in position for a final half hour upwind leg and then to bear away and "send it". The boat was clearly flying downwind and we had a great photo session with many good shots, it was hard to chose which one to enter.

Camera :

Nikon D800, 70-200 f2.8 zoom, 400, f11 , 1/1000