Athlete / Boat :

Race start

Event :

Nord Stream Race 2013

Location :

Frensburg, Germany

About the shot :

Just as the start of the Nord Sream Race 2013 got underway, a huge rain squall came in and the fleet totally dissapeared as the visibilty was down to around 30 metres. Feeling really miserable, I thought that I wasn't going to be able to get a decent shot of the fleet and the start and the next time I was going to see them would be at the finish in St. Petersburg. After about 15 minutes the squall had gone through and as the fleet started to converge to pass through the narrow Fjord to head out into the Baltic, the shine suddenly came out and produced the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen, whose end was sat right in the middle of the fleet!

Camera :

Canon EOS 1DX, EF 70-2--F 2.8 at 150mm, 200, f4.5 , 1/2500