Athlete / Boat :

Emirates Team New Zealand and Larry Ellison's Superyacht Musashi

Event :

America's Cup

Location :

San Francisco Bay, USA

About the shot :

I like this photo because it tells the story of the 34th America's Cup. This photo shows the upwind boat speed that was the America's Cup turning point. On this day in the America;s Cup -- race three -- Team New Zealand was just starting to foil upwind. This new trick - never done before - gave them a tremendous speed advantage over Team Oracle which was sailing upwind with a hull in the water, creating drag and slowing them down. Foiling past Larry Ellison;s Superyacht Musashi, TNZ showed off this new ability on Day 3. This upwind speed led TNZ to an 8-1 lead in the America's Cup before Oracle started foiling upwind also, surging ahead. Improving daily, making the biggest comeback in the 162 year history, Oracle went on to win the 34th America's Cup.- they were simply faster, due mainly to upwind foiling.

Camera :

Cannon EOS 1DX, 500mm, 200, f5.6 , 1/2000