Athlete / Boat :


Event :

Volvo Ocean Race 2017'18

Location :

Cape Horn

About the shot :

The story: ´´The hazard is to reach Cape Horn, not to cross it´´ those are the words Antonio Cuervas-Mons (Ñeti) told me before leave Auckland for the Leg 7 of the Volvo Ocean Race. He was completly right, in the way to cape horn we had the biggest breaks, finally the biggest one was that the mainsail split in two pieces. In some way we were lucky as we broke it 10 miles from Cape Horn, In the picture the mainsail is being repared on deck with the help of ´´KAT´´, a suport boat, finally after 14h of work we could be back racing. although at the end of the fleet. About how was took: The challenge to take this picture was to get some simetry with the masts of both boats. The boats were swinging without synchrony, so I had to wait around 3 or 4 minutes until both boats swing to opposite sites at the same time, and finally take the picture you see.

Camera :

Dji Mavic Pro , 26mm, 100, 2.2 , 1/25