MOYA Tomas

Athlete / Boat :

Team Zoulou - GC32 Racing Tour

Event :

Copa del Rey Mapfre - GC32 Racing Tour

Location :

Palma de Mallorca

About the shot :

Copa del Rey 2018 was the first event i worked with GC32 RacingTour for Sailing Energy. On practice Race i asked to get onboard of a team and Team Zoulou where really happy to have me onboard shooting photos during the practice day where 4-5 boats where doing starts and then some practica races. I got onboard at the beginning of the day just in case wind went down and on the first Downwind moment where i started feeling all GC32 Foiling forces i was facing the back of the boat like this i could get human action onboard and i saw from before that at that sailors work hard since first minute in this boat so i just waited until a manoover started and i started shooting photos. Its my 5D MKII that i can get into my underwater case not my 1Dx MkII soo i haven't got that many photos/sec. and i had to think more about the moment i shoot the photo to get the moment of action and here it is. Its a special photo for me because it expresses a lot of feelings, decision and explosive action. I like searching different things on photos like the one last year, so i think its a good place to send it and show it to everybody

Camera :

5D MKII, 17mm, 200, f4.0 , 1/2000