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Sofia Bekatorou


Olympic champion




The first female Olympic Flag bearer in modern history in RIo 2016 Olympics Sofia Bekatorou is the most successful Greek female sailor with two Olympic medals Gold with Emilia Tsoulfa in 470 class and Bronze with Sofia Papadopoulou and Virginia Kravarioti in Yngling class. Bekatorou’s team was awarded twice with the Rolex Sailor of the year award for the outstanding performance in 2002 and 2004 in 470 class. Sofia is the only female sailor worldwide who have competed in 3 different classes in Olympic Games with more recently the RIO 2016 Olympics in Nacra 17 along with Michalis Pateniotis. She has participated in 4 Olympics as a sailor and in 2012 she was the head coach for the Russian Match race team who finished 4th. Bekatorou has been the only female tactician in the Farr 40 class and strategist in TP 52 class in 2005.
Bekatorou who is mother of two children (Dimitris 8, Georgia 5) is currently Vice President in the executive committee of Nacra class and Vice Chair in Athlete’s commission in World Sailing. Bekatorou after completing her 5th Olympic circle she is working on the new generation of sailors. She has been participating in the Americas cup Endeavour program and is the CEO of Hellenic Wind, a non profit organization which uses STEM lessons in schools to educate children about sailing.